More than two dozen persons complete Pamdale Partners Academy

Gaining a first-hand look at city

Isabell Rivera OW Contributor | 11/28/2019, midnight

Twenty-nine residents earned their graduation certificates from the city of Palmdale’s Partners Academy at its final session and closing ceremony held earlier this month at the Chimbole Cultural Center. 

It was the 13th class to graduate from the Academy, a program designed to present citizens with a first-hand look at City operations and services.  Over 300 individuals have now graduated from the Academy.

Graduation certificates were presented by Community Programs Supervisor Trish Jones, who also coordinated the Academy, and City Manager Jim Purtee.

The graduating class included:  Stacey Andrews, Gloria Barragan, Sue Brown, Shameika Brown, David Camacho, Terrilyn Chambers, George De La Rosa, Abner Diaz, Laura Gallegos, Roslyn Gaudin, Alberta Hampton Smith, Kim Hancock, Betsy Haslett, Aurora Hernandez, Annette Iraheta, Araceli Jones, Roxanne Joseph-Glenn, Linda Love, Natali Miltcharek, Melissa Montoya, Patricia Morales, Virginia Richie, Tanya Rincon Mancilla, Nicolas Rodriguez, Janine Tanahuvia, Lawrence Wehr, Brandi Wheeler, Brianna Wilburn, and Junell Williams.

The topics covered in the Academy included  “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” an introduction to the city of Palmdale, its past, present and future; “It Keeps You Runnin’”, a behind-the-scenes look at the administrative aspects of the city; “If You Build It They Will Come,” an introduction to development services and the many departments responsible for the structural growth of the city; “Clean Sweep, the Care and Maintenance of a City,” an overview of the programs and departments that keep the streets, buildings and parks clean and operational; “Law and Order – Palmdale,” an overview of Palmdale’s efforts to prevent crime and how the city works with the criminal justice system locally.

Also reviewed were “Who Are the People In My Neighborhood?,” an overview of Neighborhood Services including crime prevention, housing,  neighborhood outreach, parking and code enforcement; “For the People,” a look at Recreation and Culture programming highlighting special events, Palmdale City  Library, Airpark, Playhouse and recreation facilities, and “To Infinity and Beyond” in learning how to stay connected and future opportunities.

The next Palmdale Partners Academy will be held in 2020 on a date yet to be determined.

For more information on the academy, contact Trish Jones of the city of Palmdale at (661) 267-5473, by e-mail at tjones@cityofpalmdale.org, or visit www.cityofpalmdale.org/engaged.