George Papadopoulos announces bid for congressional seat

George Papadopoulos announces bid for congressional seat

OW Staff Writer | 11/28/2019, midnight

George Papadopoulos, a former foreign policy advisor to President Donald Trump, has announced his candidacy for California’s 25th Congressional District.

The 32-year-old candidate is running to promote and support an America First Agenda.  It’s an issue he firmly believes in and one that, he says, has been referred to often when speaking with residents of the 25th Congressional District.

“I chose to make California my home when I left Washington, DC, nearly two years ago.  It is a state with tremendous potential, but the governing leadership is driving it to the ground and too many Californians are suffering due to the bad policies coming out of Sacramento and Washington,” Papadopoulos said. “The 25th Congressional District was a seat held by Republicans for 26 years.  It’s time to return the seat back to Republicans and support the ideals of the district and putting America First.”

Papadopoulos added: “California is Ronald Reagan’s state. Now, unfortunately the establishment in California is trying to convince California Republicans that we need to evolve as a Republican Party and that we cannot be the same Republican Party as other states.  That’s the wrong policy.  It’s turned  blood red districts in California blue and it’s going to lead to the Republican Party to its extinction.  I’m running for the 25th Congressional District to promote the America First Agenda and to enact legislation that has positive, real-life consequences for the American people and my constituents.”