Feminist empowerment hits Hollywood mainstream

New music by The Savages

Gregg Reese OW Contributor | 11/28/2019, midnight

Hip-hop and Rap as a genre is notorious for its shoddy or marginalized treatment of women, but a new trio with a provocative attitude is emerging to put the industry on notice that they are not about to play second fiddle to any broke a— scrubs.

Although they are commonly (mis)taken for sisters, the photogenic trio known as “The Savages” come from different parts of the country, and have three distinct personalities as well. The ladies came together last Friday night in the heart of Hollywood for an intimate listening party in an anonymous performance space to showcase their new EP album “Untamed” before an appreciative audience.

The crowd was warmed up by the skillful spinning of Disc Jockey Damon Wilson aka “Dash Approved” (https://www.dashthedj.com) before The Savages arrived in form fitting, coordinated gold sequined outfits to turn the temperature up a notch.

“America needs more artists like The Savages. They are in continuum of empowering female rap artists like Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim & Megan Thee Stallion,” says Oduduwa Olatunji, the producer/ impresario behind The Savages. They are: JetDope (https://www.instagram.com/jetdope/), a seasoned actress and filmmaker who has appeared in numerous television and video productions including “Only Way Out” with Snoop Dogg. Listing her hometown as Dallas, Texas, she is actually a military brat who’s grown up all over. She uses her exotic African American and Columbian heritage to attract Internet followers in her online endeavors, including her personal swimwear line https://jetwetcollection.com/.

Kellye (https://www.instagram.com/hotaskell/) comes way across the country from Spartanburg South Carolina  This southern belle polished her writing skills at the University of South Carolina (the real USC, she maintains) where she cultivated a love for rappers from the “Dirty South,” especially the metaphors of Lil Wayne.

Growing up in the landmark neighborhood of Watts, Virdi (https://www.instagram.com/virdiisunique/) is a home grown talent of Cherokee and Mexican descent. A natural storyteller, she has spun tales on a variety of subjects, including family, men, and the supernatural in several episodes at YouTube (Google “virdi is unique”). She attributes her skills to life experience as a native Angeleno, including a period of reflection at Central Juvenile Hall.

Bonding together through their love of music, fashion, and drama, they interacted via collaboration on social media and at various venues locally, especially at the Hollywood gathering The Sketch House.

Tracks like “I’m Good” showcase provocative lyrics illustrating their motivation to pay their own way.

“I put VVS on my own neck, if I want that Ima own that,” is a reference to the jeweler’s designation for clarity in diamond quality, i.e., the confidence to get the very best on one’s own terms.

“Their lyrics and content deal with contemporary issues, but they do it a dynamic, entertaining way,” notes Oduduwa.

For more on The Savages and their upcoming performances, visit their URLs or enjoy their tracks on all streaming platforms.