Xoom, PayPal’s international money transfer service

11/25/2019, 5:29 p.m.
Customers who have been using Xoom...

Customers who have been using Xoom, PayPal’s International money transfer service, can now also send money to recipients in the U.S.

PayPal has been at the forefront of the digital payment business for more than 20 years. Xoom has benefited millions of foreign-born people in the U.S. who send remittances to family and friends in their home countries. These remittances serve as a lifeline for may people around the world and are used to pay for everyday needs like utility bills; healthcare; education; and emergencies.

The largely cash-based system of sending money electronically is usually full of paperwork, high fees, standing in line and an ever-present uncertainty of when, and if, the money will arrive when it’s needed.

By providing a more secure payment option for customers to seamlessly and securely send money by going online or using a mobile devise, PayPal and Xoom are helping to expand and improve the financial health of millions of people worldwide.

Through strategic alliances with Walmart and Ria, Americans can now use Xoom to send money fast and securely using Xoom’s mobile app or website, for cash pick-up at 4,84 Walmart stores or 175 Ria-owned locations across the country.

Ria is a subsidiary of Eronet Worldwide, Inc., a leader in the money transfer industry.

“At Ria, we are delighted to further consolidate our relationship with Xoom and Walmart,” said Juan Bianchi, CEO of Eronet’s Money Transfer Segment. “Our continued partnership is a fine example of how Ria’s technology can serve as an enabler between platforms, offering consumers and partners an added layer of security and compliance screening.”

For more information on store locations and eligible banks, visit www.Xoom.com

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