A Vegan-style Thanksgiving for you to enjoy

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Isabell Rivera ow contributor | 11/22/2019, midnight

As a parent, the best way to handle the situation of conflict is by preparing meals together.

However, it might also be difficult to be a vegan host and inviting coworkers and friends who are neither a vegan or a vegetarian, but very much “meat eaters.” Many carnivores have some sort of “phobia” when it comes to veganism or eating vegan dishes, although vegan dishes don’t all contain faux meats and soy products, but are mostly done with veggies. Some don’t understand or accept the fact that there won’t be any dishes containing dairy or meat at a vegan Thanksgiving. Therefore, it’s important to be respectful when going to a vegan Thanksgiving, and not start a conflict about someone’s diet- or lifestyle choice.

Dinners with a big group might give some individuals the impression to talk about politics of any sort, that includes having a conversation about someone’s choice to ditch meat or not. But there’s usually no debate on why someone ditches all the veggies, and not the meat. Also, it’s good to keep in mind that vegans and vegetarians are usually in the minority at most traditional American Thanksgivings, so make them feel welcome and don’t treat them as if they are an inconvenience.

With that said, if you plan in advance, this holiday season can be a breeze, even with having more veggie dishes on hand than usual. Also, keep in mind, veggie dishes are a lot easier to prepare than a turkey. Be mindful of your guests, their allergies, diet restrictions, and any political conversations, in order to keep the holiday season peaceful.