Michael Jackson: ‘Peter Pan,’ Robert Kelly: ‘Pied Piper’

Sexual desires among rich and famous

William Covington OW Contributor | 3/15/2019, midnight
The the recent release of “Leaving Neverland” and “Surviving R. Kelly” have..

The the recent release of “Leaving Neverland” and “Surviving R. Kelly” have resurfaced accusations of sexual assault, physical abuse, and kidnapping by music icons Michael Jackson and R. Kelly. Many in the African-American community have mixed feelings about “Leaving Neverland” in begging the question: “why now?” Michael Jackson cannot defend himself.

Several individuals who, attended Horace Mann Middle School in South Los Angeles in the early ‘90s reminisced about visiting Neverland Ranch, in Santa Barbara County during summer camp trips. They attest that nothing unusual happened to them. Others have pointed out that both documentaries have been released during sweeps week which would bolster the viewership of both the HBO and Lifetime networks. Sweeps Week refers to a survey that is taken four times a year to give advertisers a chance to rate viewing patterns of the television audience.

Celebrities and sexual proclivity

When African-Americans were questioned about the sexual habits of R. Kelly, most agreed he had a problem and that it was old news at best. Many of them said, he was no different from Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, or Woody Allen who were also named in so-called sexual dalliances with young girls.

Michelle Wilson, a biological scientist, believes the United States has a terrible history in race relations, noting that she understands the suspicion within the African-American community as related to the timing of both documentaries. However, in looking at the allegations leveled against of both entertainers, she believes they failed to sexually evolve when they were young.

As a child, Wilson explained, being attracted to your classmates body blossoming during puberty is considered normal, and not a problem. But what if a person’s attractions do not mature as they age, and instead remains fixated on adolescents? Sexuality develops during puberty, and is influenced by biological, evolutionary, and societal factors. In the cases of Jackson and Kelly, Wilson suggested, a traumatic incident during their formative years may have influenced their sexuality (or capacity for sexual feelings) which may have stunted their growth as sexual beings, thereby encouraging an attraction for children range in age from eight to 14 years. A more technical term for this adult lifestyle would be pedophilia.

A scientific explanation

Adults in Western society can be categorized as one of the following based on what type of individual arouses them.

Pedophilia—erotically attracted to those 8 to 11 years

Hebephilia—erotically attracted to 11- to 14-year-olds

Ephebophilia—attracted to 15- to 16-year-olds

Teleiophilia—primarily attracted to those 17 years old or older

Gerontophilia—primarily attracted to the aged

In layman’s terms, as a person advances in age one tends to be attracted to individuals within proximity to your age. Your attraction towards individuals evolves with age. In essence, a 14-year-old is not sexually attracted to an 8-year-old. The documentary paints Jackson as a pedophile based on his sexuality not evolving beyond being attracted to 8- to 11-year-old males. Wilson said R. Kelly’s sexuality may have ceased to evolve in his early teens, therefore may be classified as a hebephile.