Michael Jackson: ‘Peter Pan,’ Robert Kelly: ‘Pied Piper’

Sexual desires among rich and famous

William Covington OW Contributor | 3/14/2019, midnight
The the recent release of “Leaving Neverland” and “Surviving R. Kelly” have..

Peter Smith, a Seattle social worker, agrees with Wilson. He said individuals who are sexually attracted to prepubescent children are called pedophiles. They are often male.

‘Age themselves down’

Pedophilic sexual offenders are often called fixated/dedicated, meaning the alleged perpetrator’s sexual attraction to children is their primary, often sole sexual attraction. Typically, Smith explained, when interacting with prepubescent children, these individuals “age themselves down,” becoming childlike (in their own minds) as a way to relate to and feel a sense of connection with their victims. They see themselves in a childlike way, and they invite children into their childlike world. This is their form of seduction. Jackson’s opulent Neverland Ranch was a well-known example, specifically the amusement-park environment where he is purported to have enticed victims into “sleep-over parties” and similar child-play events.

In 1993, Robert Hodge aka “Speedy” was an armed guard at Neverland. According to Speedy, he was hired in part because of his connection with the Piru street gang from South LA. He recalled that a number of Piru members became Neverland employees shortly after the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.

“ We were transported to Neverland by someone who was affiliated with community activism or the Nation of Islam,” Hodge said. “I believe it was a guy we called Brother Troy who lived in “The Jungle” (near Baldwin Hills). We would load up in a white van that took us to Neverland. Once there, we would patrol certain areas of Neverland. We were told to not interact with any staff and appear unfriendly. We had to sign a lot of documents and were told to not discuss anything we saw on grounds.”

An eyewitness at Neverland

Hodge said he was eventually fired by an official security staff member after asking about reported floor sensors Jackson had installed in the hallway leading to his bedroom. He had inadvertently listened in on a conversation taking place between two technicians discussing a problem with the sensors.

“Man that place must have had listening devices [everywhere] because all of a sudden this Black dude introduced himself as Anthony and informed me that my services were no longer needed by Mr. Jackson due to me discussing floor sensors,” Hodge explained.

These listening devices outside Jackson’s bedroom have been covered in several articles, particularly in Time and Vanity Fair magazines. The latter publication also listed members of the the Blood street gang being employed at Neverland as “armed members of tough South L.A. gangs, including the notorious Bloods, were transported to Neverland. The employment of these [gang members], according to the Vanity Fair article, was said to have sent a strong message to Neverland employees who might have considered cooperating in the Jordie Chandler investigation (the individual who sparked the investigation into Jackson in the mid-1990s), not to mention the subliminal message it gave out to other boys and their families who might have been thinking of coming forward with allegations of sexual impropriety against Jackson.

Hodge said he was surprised at how many White parents would show up to Neverland with their young boys who would spend time with Michael. “I hate to say it, but I believe Mr. Jackson used Neverland as a ‘kiddy magnet’ to attract and then select his victims,” Hodge added.