California GOP launches bid to recruit more Black voters

Only four percent of state African-Americans are Republican

Aldon Stiles California Black Media | 6/27/2019, 10:08 a.m.

“I am excited by the opportunity to lead this superb organization, to bring good conservative government to California and grow our membership,” he said.

Morgan says he intends to showcase a more inclusive organization to offset the common perception that conservative ideals run counter to the needs of African-American communities in California.

“I plan to expand membership, increase the diversity of membership, and become more integral to the party in a more physical and active capacity,” he said.

The low number of Black Californians who join or support the Republican Party in California, Morgan says, results from a fundamental miscommunication between the state GOP and the African-American community. He believes that getting the word out about how his party’s policies align with the interests and principles of African Americans will be a game changer.

He cites religion, for example, as one way to find common ground.

“Both the Republican Party and the traditional African-American family value the church and its role in the community as it relates to freedom of religion,” Morgan said. “We need to let them know that we are a place for [African Americans] to come to for support of our communities.”

A Los Angeles native and Pepperdine University graduate, Morgan has deep roots in both California and his party. He serves as the National Association of Republican Assemblies Western Region Vice President and is also a delegate to the California Republican Party.

“I absolutely feel that [the CRA] has my back now just as they have had my back throughout much of my career,” Morgan said.“Not only do I want to expand our diversity but also better engage at the national level, state level and local level.”

Morgan hopes his presidency can operate as an inspiration and example for Black voters in California as well.

“I encourage more African Americans to take a hard look at the Republican Party,” Morgan said. “My presence should indicate that there is opportunity in the party for inclusion and leadership.”