‘Denial’: Not just a river in Africa

Does the Black community enable delinquency within its ranks?

Gregg Reese OW Contributor | 11/29/2018, midnight
In 2002, (then Lieutenant) Peter Whittingham assembled a dozen or so members of the..

Handling the truth

Getting back to law enforcement, the sterling reputation of the LAPD is by now tarnished forever, in light of the Rampart scandal, the Rodney King beating, the Christopher Dorner affair, etc. The old guard within hat venerated organization still takes a dim view of those pushing for change-especially within its ranks. None suffered more than Sgt. Fred Nichols, the LAPD’s highly regarded expert in the use-of-force techniques. Widely admired in and outside the department, his fortunes changed when he testified about the improprieties utilized to contain King before the County Grand Jury.

Afterwards he was summarily moved around to less prestigious (and more nerve-racking) postings before leaving left the department on a stress pension. Shortly before his death, he acknowledged the price he paid for his candor in court.

“If you make waves in this department, it becomes close to impossible to ever promote again.”

Nichols’ torture ended when he checked himself into a non-descript hotel. He killed himself there in May 1991.

Even now, Whittingham declares that there is a cadre within the department that still believes the officers involved in that infamous March 3, 1991 traffic stop in Lake View Terrace did nothing wrong in the commission their duties. Whether we acknowledge them or not, he noted, these problems will not go away.

“We (the department) kill more of our own than the criminals,” Whittingham said.