First Black woman to own vodka brand


Carol Ozemhoya| OW Contributor | 5/14/2018, 1:06 p.m.
Her name is Vanessa Braxton and she is the owner of...
Vanessa Braxton

Her name is Vanessa Braxton and she is the owner of California-based Black Momma Vodka, which offers handcrafted, gluten free vodka, and she is the first African American woman to own a nationally distributed vodka firm. The Brooklyn, New York, native has a degree in construction management/civil engineering and has worked in the government sector for 20 years. Despite her success in her field of study, she wanted something more and decided to take on the challenge of creating her own brand of vodka. And to make it a successful venture, she would have to work in a profession pretty much dominated by men. Braxton developed an all natural, preservative free vodka distilled and filtered five times from corn, which comes in different flavors. Now distributed in 32 states, as well as Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, the brand is available in restaurants and nightclubs. Braxton says she got her entrepreneurial spirit from her grandparents who taught her she can do anything. “If your gut is telling you to do it, then do it. Believe me, everything will fall into place if it’s right and meant to be,” she told BlackNews.com. More info is available at her website… www.blackmomma.com.