Net neutrality fight continues

Congress needs one vote to halt FCC decision

J.D. Williams OW Contributor | 3/2/2018, midnight

Barring Congressional action, net neutrality protections will end on April 23, thanks to a party-line 3-2 vote in December. In Rosenworcel’s view, that is more than a mistake; it is a “blunder.”

In an interview with Mobile World Congress, she said, “We handed our broadband providers the right and power to block content, throttle services, and to censor things you see online,” Rosenworcel told PCMag. “I don’t think that is smart.”

“The FCC made this blunder, it made this error, but in its wake something amazing happened,” Rosenworcel said. “We woke up this sleeping giant: the American public.”

Rosenworcel also noted that there has been an unprecedented number of letters written to her office on the issueand there has been an immense groundswell of activity in state and even local governments to enact some form of net neutrality protections. “That makes me feel like there is some hope,” she said.

The public still has the opportunity to help in the battle for internet freedom. Individuals who live in a state with a Republican senator who still hasn’t made a decision can go to www.battleforthenet.com to contact their representatives. The site also provides updates to the movement and the when are where subscribers can find rallies supporting net neutrality.