Beat the heat with these timely tips

Merdies Hayes | 7/6/2018, midnight
With triple-digit temperatures expected this weekend in the High Desert, everyone is....

With triple-digit temperatures expected this weekend in the High Desert, everyone is looking for a way to cool off. Residents of Lancaster, Palmdale and Santa Clarita are caught in the middle of this heatwave and can make use of a number of cooling centers during the mid-day sun.

Some of these places, however, may not be in close proximity and for those who must rely on public transportation it can be difficult to take advantage of these facilities. There are a number of ways that the individual can keep cool without running up a costly electric bill for air conditioning or a series of fans indoors as well as anticipating a “Flex Alert.”

For instance, did you know that brewing a pot of tea can provide unexpected relief from the heat? It’s peppermint tea that you don’t drink. Instead, brew it and place it in the refrigerator. Once it’s nice and cold, pour some of the tea into a spray bottle and mist yourself with it. Apparently, it’s better than water and will give your skin a cool, tingly feeling. While you’re at it, brew some chrysanthemum tea to lower body temperature. It’s also been known to help soothe heat rash.

Yoga is an excellent way to “cool” the mind and soul, but you wouldn’t want to spread a mat or blanket outside when it’s 100 degrees. Trying doing a few minutes of “yoga breathing.” There’s an art to this: Curl your tongue by pulling both sides upward toward the middle, then breathe in through your mouth. Hold your breath and, slowly, exhale through your nose. Repeat this five to 10 times and you will begin to feel a little cooler, energized and, of course, more composed.

After the temperature has dropped from 105 degrees to a “welcome” 90 degrees, you’re ready for bed but the mattress always absorbs body temperature. You toss and turn and sweat before finally drifting off to sleep. Try this tip: When you get up in the morning, place soft gel ice packs on top of the mattress and underneath the sheets. For extra comfort, consider placing the ice packs under your legs, neck and lower back. You can also freeze a cotton sock and fill it with rice (who’d have thought?) and slip the sock between she sheets. The rice will hold the chill longer. Another method would be to fold your sheets and pillow cases, place them into plastic bags and put them into the freezer for a few hours. Make up your bed just before you turn out the lights for sweet (and cool) dreams.

You can beat the heat via do-it-yourself air conditioning. Freeze a couple of water bottles and place them in front of a floor or desk fan. Add a little salt to the water to keep them cooler longer. Another idea would be to use aloe vera. Rub a liberal amount over your skin to naturally sooth sunburn as its natural cooling properties will feel great on hot, dry skin.