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OW Staffs and Contributors | 1/4/2018, 3:26 p.m.
For much of one-half century, the policies and ideology of Dr. Martin Luther King..

Did President Obama run his segment successfully?

He had all the elements thrown at him to thwart him: rain, sleet, mud, ice, and a unified, obdurate Republican Party willing to trip him, push him and otherwise block his way. He was jostled more than once by other runners.

There were no scandals. There were no demonstrations of faulty manners or bad behavior. The president remained a statesman, an effective leader, a strong symbol of confidence and skilled knowledge for generations of Black Americans and global Africans.

Did Mr. Obama lay down a worthy set of tracks to follow and to be proud of for young people?

Indeed, he did. He and we can be proud of what he and his family accomplished for us all.

Backbone of America

Black contribution to the history of our nation

By OW Staff

Every February, African Americans and the nation alike, take the month to reflect upon the history of Black people in these United States. From the beginnings of slavery to the election of the first African American president, Black people have made many strides along the way and have certainly made their mark in the annals of American history.

In recognition, OurWeekly did a four-part series on the 15 most pivotal aspects of Black History. This issue explores Civil Rights, Culture and Migration.

Civil Rights

Because of the Civil Rights Act, many laws have been passed to guarantee civil rights to all Americans, but the struggle continues for Blacks, women, Hispanics, Asian Americans, people with disabilities, the LGBT community and the homeless. What began primarily as a remedy for past injustices placed on African Americans has transformed into a panoply of laws that provide a redress of grievances for all Americans who may suffer under the indignity of discrimination.


Music is arguably one of the most central aspects of African-American culture. Rooted in the typically polyrhythmic sounds of the ethnic groups in Africa, this art form is ever expanding and has been influencing society as a whole since its American beginnings when slaves blended traditional European hymns with African elements to create spirituals.


Since the beginning of African civilizations, hairstyles have been used to convey messages to society. As early as the 15th century, different styles could indicate a person's marital status, age, religion, ethnic identity, wealth and rank within the community. Hair maintenance in traditional Africa was aimed at creating a sense of beauty.

A perfect political storm

Political scientists attempt to explain the November election surprise

“… people in both camps thought-reasonably so-that Trump simply could not overcome his apparently abhorrent record with women, or his numerous gaffes, rants and tweet storms, or the constant dysfunction and turnover in his campaign team,” said Davin Phoenix, assistant professor of Political Science at U.C. Irvine.

Political scientist Robert Smith at San Francisco State University was one of the few who considered the possibility of a Trump victory (as President of the United States.

This particular political development may thusly be the result of, in Smith’s words, a “…perception that Obama pushed things too far.”