A continuing legacy: Europe’s hold over cheap labor from Africa

Gregg Reese OW Contributor | 2/1/2018, midnight
The Middle Passage is well known as a factor in the development of “the New..

Horne notes that the French have a history of undermining entities formerly under their colonial rule, notably Guinea (during the era of the Marxist leaning Ahmed Sékou Touré), and scenarios played out in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, and Niger. This global meddling occurs when these upstarts go against French interests, as with the threat of losing Libyan oil.

Counterpoints to this theory involve one Alexandre Djouhri, a Frenchman arrested this month on allegations that he funneled in excess of $6 million (from the Gaddafi family) to fund the 2007election of ex-French President Nicholas Sarkozy, the allegedly man behind Gaddafi’s murder. Djouhri has been released on bail, to the tune of $ 1.35 million.

Other rumors have the overthrow initiated by plans to establish an alternate, Pan-African currency to compete with the French Franc. This new legal tender would have been backed by the vast Libyan gold reserves, estimated at 140 tons.

Resources, human and others

Echoing the utterances of America’s chief executive about his situation at home, European countries overtly complain about the intrusion of these (potentially) lawless undesirables, claiming with some justification that these refugees might over run and destabilize these host nations. But the realities of financial hardship often corrode the precepts of morality and propriety. Since 2009, a wide swath of the European Union has been mired in debt, compounded over previous decades (along with the after shock of the United States’ own previous monetary crisis). The result is a lack of cash flow, especially in Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

The influx of cheap labor would be an invaluable access as Europe struggles to rebuild itself. Once again, the fruits of Africa beckons for the global community eager to exploit it’s treasures for their own self interest, regardless of the damage inflicted on the Dark Continent.