Study indicates Black boys will remain poor

CORY ALEXANDER HAYWOOD OW contributor | 4/12/2018, midnight
Based on the astonishing financial success of megastars like Jay Z, LeBron James..

Another example of this occupational segregation can be found in upper management. Black men are “very underrepresented” as chief executives and legislators, although they tend to be “at least proportionally represented in a variety of managerial-type occupations.”

Are limited resources a factor?

One of the prominent reasons given for income disparity among Blacks and Whites is the difference in the neighborhoods they grow up in. However, disparities persist even among Black and White children who grow up on the same block.

Differences in neighborhood-level resources, such as the quality of schools, cannot explain the inter-generational gaps between Black and White boys by themselves. Studies have even compared data from some of the best metro areas for economic mobility for low-income Black boys to ones for low-income White boys. They found that Black-White disparities exist in virtually all areas and neighborhoods.

Black males from two-parent homes

When researchers compared outcomes for Black and White men who grew up in similar households with both parents and similar levels of income, wealth and education, they found that Black men still had substantially lower incomes in adulthood. Their conclusion was that “family characteristics play a limited role in explaining the gap.”

And growing up in a high-income family provides no cushion from these disparities either. The study found that black children with rich parents are almost as likely to fall back into poverty as they are to remain rich. By contrast, white children born to wealthy parents are five times more likely to stay there.

A Silver Lining?

While the odds remain somewhat bleak for African American males collectively, high-earners have made great strides in closing the income gap with their white counterparts over the decades. As for the others, only time will tell.