Hollywood by Choice

2017-2018 fall season in Black

Gail Choice | 9/14/2017, midnight

Good Girls

When three suburban moms get tired of trying to make ends meet, they decide it's time to stick up for themselves by robbing the local supermarket at (toy) gunpoint. It doesn't take long for the three best friends to realize the perfect getaway will be harder than they think. The cast includes Retta, Reno Wilson, Lidya Jewett, Brandon James Roy, Latoya Codner, Ray Ray Chase, Jessica Mikayla Adams and Kevin D'Arcy.



Premieres: Sunday, Oct. 1 at 8:30 p.m.

Stars: Adam Scott, Craig Robinson, Edi Patterson, Ally Walker, Adeel Akhtar

A cynical skeptic (Robinson) and a genius “true believer” (Scott) in the paranormal are recruited by The Bureau Underground to look into the rampant

“unexplained” activity in Los Angeles.

“The Orville”

Sunday, Sept. 10

8 p.m.—The Orville (Special Series Premiere, Part 1)

Sunday, Sept. 17

8 p.m.—The Orville (Special Series Premiere, Part 2)

Stars: Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, J. Lee, Halston Sage

Set 300 years in the future, the live-action dramedy follows the adventures of the Orville, a not-so-top-of-the-line exploratory ship in Earth's interstellar Fleet.



Stars: Angela Bassett

Producers: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Angela Bassett

The drama revolves around the lives of 911 operators as they respond to emergency calls.

The CW


Monday, Oct. 9, 9-10 p.m.

The boundaries between military discipline and human desire are tested on a U.S. Army base that houses an elite unit of helicopter pilots trained to perform clandestine international and domestic missions.

Kenneth Israel as Command Sgt. Major Dixon


Black Lighting

Stars: Cress Williams, Nafessa Williams, China Anne McClain, Christine Adams

Producers: Mara Brock Akil, Salim Akil, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter

Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) made his choice: He hung up the suit and his secret identity years ago, but with one daughter hell-bent on justice and the other a star student being recruited by a local gang, he'll be pulled back into the fight as the wanted vigilante and DC legend Black Lightning.