An early job can provide wealth of opportunities for young people

Teens now compete with older workers

Merdies Hayes | 5/19/2017, midnight
The U.S. Department of Labor reports that each year about 3 million teenagers graduate from high school, and another 1.5 ...

“What may be happening is that older people are crowding out the prime-age people who are crowding out the young people,” Ross said.

Once a teenager begins earning money and paying for his/her own things, they will realize the amount of time and effort necessary to devote to a job in order to earn enough to cover bills. This scenario can build an appreciation for the value of money and encourages responsible money management. Pursuing a job and then failing to get it can teach a teenager resilience. When a teen experiences this type of rejection, it often can encourage him/her to seek out other opportunities and apply for them.

Working with others at an early age can enhance a teen’s interpersonal skills and prepare them for whatever career he/she chooses in the future. On the job, they learn to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds, which will teach them tolerance and self-confidence in dealing with others. The young person then learns the importance of taking directions from a manager and conforming to rules that, although sometimes may seem unusual and disagreeable, must be adhered to. Because employers tend to favor “self-starters,” the teenager who can work diligently and without too much supervision will often be asked back the next summer, or if they’re out of school be in a position to accept a full-time job.

An early job increases marketability

“The job situation in this economy is somewhat challenging for younger jobseekers,” said Juan Millan, a labor market consultant with the California Employment Development Department. “Now that the recession is over, the labor market (for lower educated workers) is expanding in leisure and hospitality. Many adult workers who were once employed in declining industries such as manufacturing, are now filling jobs in restaurants that were once common for youth and making it more difficult for younger jobseekers. Bottom line, the best way out of this catch is to get a higher education. The higher your education, the better the job prospects and pay for the rest of your life.”

Teenagers who get jobs, especially those who are close to graduating from high school, can sometimes see what type of employment opportunities are realistically available to them upon graduating. The knowledge gained from holding a job can drive him or her to increase their marketability and gain the option for a more challenging, better-paying job.

There are many factors that go into the successful job search. The majority of employers are interested in “soft skills” or, more plainly, “employability skills” that can set apart one job applicant from another said the website MonsterTrak. These are skills that allow people to do their jobs well under all circumstances. They are over and above any “technical” skills someone might possess, the first being good communication skills. If you’re working in any fast food or retail establishment, it is vital to have a “customer focused” attitude. Teamwork is another positive attribute. The youthful worker must have the ability to cultivate good relationships with fellow employees, according to the MonsterTrak website.