Black Church leaders mount fight against new ‘male feminization’

National Black Church Initiative | 12/20/2017, midnight

The Church has always condemned such behavior. The Church is neither pro men or pro women. But, the Bible is clear as to the divine roles of both of the sexes. We are not going to sit idly by and allow a few White women who have been sexually abused, and their homosexual allies, to begin to redefine the role of men in the general society.

The Black Church is completely uneasy with the notion that someone can lodge an allegation against another with no proof that the act took place, but that a lynch-mob mentality would cease on the allegations causing the person’s life to be ruined. This type of lynch-mob allegation cannot and should not work in a civilized democratic society.

African American males know all too well to be accused of something, without having any evidence that they did what they were accused of. Every Black African American male, since the death of Emmett Till understand the power of being accused in a lynch mob mentality. This is why the Black Church will not stand idly by and allow prominent, well educated White women to create a culture and a system of allegations that can lead to death.

We know the difference between assault and rape as opposed to a gesture or a word towards a female. You should not go to jail because you said to a particular White woman that she has a nice dress, or lose your job or reputation. This kind of mentality has to stop, and we must get back to the whole notion of civility, of clear reflection, of evidence-based allegations and judgment. We cannot ever allow this type of mentality and the marginalization of men and Christian families to take place with merely an allegation.