Counting the Cost

The March unemployment report offers mixed news

Julianne Malveaux | 4/13/2017, midnight

Except for “America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again,” and a whole lot of rhetoric, we have no specifics around this administration’s economic plan. We do know, however, that freezing or reducing federal employment will have an impact on unemployment rates, and that cutting key departments (Health and Human Services, Labor, and Interior) will have an impact on the long-term employment situation. Those who work in the social service areas (social workers, community service workers, etc.) are also rightly apprehensive about how their work will be funded and who will pay for it. This unemployment rate report may be as good as it gets, if Mr. Trump has his way.

President Obama did his best to create a robust economic recovery. President Trump says he inherited “a mess.” The January and February unemployment numbers disprove that assertion. The March report, however, shows that while 45 did not inherit a mess, he can make one with his draconian budget cuts and other ill-advised economic measure.

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