California Congressional District races

OW Staff Writer | 11/3/2016, 12:10 a.m.

Wiggins’ platform seeks more funding for education… he believes kids should have choices beyond the public school system via charter and magnet schools. He also wants to curtail the “buying of elections,” and limit campaign spending. Wiggins says he also believes in the preservation of the environment and does not support the Keystone Pipeline.

As to spending, Wiggins has spent nothing, while Bass has spent $510,788, according to public records.

The 37th District includes part of Los Angeles County.

43rd Congressional District… Maxine Waters (D) vs. Omar Navarro (R)

Democrat Maxine Waters has a stronghold on this district and is expected to handily beat her Republican challenger, Omar Navarro.

Waters has spent $528,999 to Navarro’s $2,652 for the district, which includes part of Los Angeles County.

Waters has held a seat in the House since 1990. She tends to vote with the Democratic Party on most bills. Waters serves on the Financial Services Committee and also served on the Task Force to Investigate Terrorism Financing.

Her records show that she favors a woman’s right to choose; she is comfortable with same sex marriage; she believes stricter punishments reduce crime; and she opposes the privatization of social security.

Navarro is a small business owner but has also held positions with Sony, Samsung and Amazon. His platform states that he believes that small businesses are the “engine that drives our economy,” and that the House should do more to encourage small business. He says he is against ObamaCare and would work to repeal it. Navarro says he is against gun control and at the same time, he says we should be free from “unreasonable and warrantless searches,” or “no one’s gun’s are safe.”

44th Congressional District… Isadore Hall vs. Nanette Barragan

The 44th District race is an unusual one, as two Democrats face each other for the seat instead of two different political parties. Incumbent Isadore Hall and Nanette Barragan are battling to be the rep for the district, which includes the southern part of the state and part of Los Angeles (including the Port of Los Angeles, Compton and North Long Beach).

Hall has the endorsement of the California Democratic Party, as well as the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor (AFL/CIO), Gov. Jerry Brown and the Service Employees International Union. His background includes serving as a member of the California State Senate. Hall is also a member of the Compton City Council.

Hall’s platform includes statements that say he will work on bringing high-paying jobs to the district. He also believes in protecting the environment and he wants to ensure the continued success of the Port of Los Angeles, both as an attraction and a place to do business.

Hall’s opponent is Nanette Barragan. She believes it’s important to protect senior citizens and the social programs, such as Social Security and Medicare, that provide for them. Barragan also believes we need to make college more affordable for everyone. She understands that climate change is an urgent environmental problem and that people need to move toward clean, sustainable energy.

As to the economy and jobs, the former Hermosa Beach City Council member says it’s important to strengthen the middle class by creating job training programs, supporting small businesses and investing in growing technologies.

While incumbent Janice Hahn has endorsed Hall for her seat, Senator Bernie Sanders has endorsed Barragan.