Holder to resign as Attorney General

Will stay in position until successor is confirmed

OW Staff Writer | 9/26/2014, midnight
United States Attorney General Eric Holder Jr., the first African American to hold the position who announced his resignation, effective ...

United States Attorney General Eric Holder Jr., the first African American to hold the position who announced his resignation, effective as soon as he is officially replaced, said that while his time in public services is coming to an end, he will keep trying to make the United States and its justice system better. “I will never leave the work,” Holder said. “I will continue to serve and try to find ways to make our nation even more true to its founding ideals.”

President Barack Obama praised Holder and noted that his service in the Justice Department under six presidents, has consistently “shown a deep and abiding fidelity to one of our most cherished ideals as a people: and that is equal justice under the law.”

Obama also noted that Holder’s department prosecuted hundreds of terror cases, “rooted out corruption and fought violent crime,” tackled financial fraud and “attacks on the Voting Rights Act” and helped to reduce the crime rate and incarceration rate by 10 percent over the last six years. “Eric has done a superb job,” Obama said. “I just want to say thank you.”

The president said Holder told him that he thought six years was a pretty good run. “I imagine his family agrees,” Obama added.

Holder, who has been the only attorney general in Obama's administration, also thanked the president for giving him “the greatest honor of my professional life. We have made real the visions that you and I have always shared,” Holder said, referring to Obama, who was standing alongside him.

“There has been no greater ally in the fight for justice, civil rights, equal rights, and voting rights than Attorney General Holder,” said civil rights activist Myrlie Evers. “As a fierce consequential defender of the right to vote, the Attorney General has worked tirelessly to ensure that every American has the right, the ability and the opportunity to cast their vote and let their voice be heard.”

She continued, “Attorney General Holder never shied away from the issues that greatly affect us all. From lobbying Congress to reduce prison sentences for non-violent drug offenders, to cracking down on abuse by police departments and to working to ease racial tension throughout the United States, the attorney general was always there ready to correct injustices and offer common sense reforms to better our nation.

“I am honored to call the attorney general a friend, and have had the distinct pleasure of working very closely with him throughout his tenure as AG and prior to his appointment,” added Evers.

Rep. John Conyers, (D-New York) added this: “Attorney General Eric Holder has delivered the utmost distinguished service during his tenure in the Obama Administration. As the first African American to serve as Attorney General, (he) has shown vigorous dedication to the American people and advancing civil rights for all.

As the fourth longest serving attorney general in U.S. history, his devotion to the pursuit of justice is unparalleled and has comforted the nation during great times of turmoil. I appreciate that he will remain in his post until a successor is named. I wish him well in all his future endeavors and thank him for his tireless efforts over the past six years and more.”