An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Rings true in community crime prevention

OW Staff Writer | 9/5/2014, midnight
One of the reasons why the crime rate in Palmdale has dropped more than 32 percent since 2008 is a ...

“Some have seen crime in their neighborhood and they are scared that the criminals will retaliate if they get involved in community crime prevention,” Long said. “That is certainly understandable, but there are ways to counter and overcome fear.”

Long notes three key elements that will eliminate fear and make any neighborhood safer and stronger.

“First, join together,” she said. “There is strength in numbers. By forming a Neighborhood Watch group with your neighbors, you create an environment where residents support each other and don’t feel isolated or alone in the midst of criminal activity.”

“Second, become educated on how to effectively report suspicious activity safely and anonymously. Neighborhood Watch is about being the eyes and ears of law enforcement, not the arm and legs. No one is ever encouraged to put themselves in any danger when witnessing a crime or suspicious activity.”

“Third, you don’t have to meet where the problem is; you can meet several blocks away at a local church, community center or even at City Hall,” Long noted.

“In Palmdale, thousands of residents have become educated on crime prevention or have taken action to protect themselves, their families and their communities against crime by being a part of a Neighborhood Watch program,” German said. “You can join them by calling the city’s Neighborhood Services department at (661) 267-5170 and talking to a crime prevention officer today.”