Palmda le recognizes its finest in public safety

Sheriffs, firefighters, others honored

OW Staff Writer | 6/27/2014, midnight

Since 1992, the city of Palmdale has honored individuals who work in the public safety area. At the June City Council meeting, public safety practitioners awards were presented to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Detective Steve Saylor, Firefighter Chris Dubois, CHP Officer Robert Vandecar and City of Palmdale Public Works Administrative Analyst Cheryl Hughes.

Each honoree received a plaque inscribed with the message, “In Appreciation of Your Dedication and Outstanding Service to the Residents of the City of Palmdale.”

Saylor was also awarded the Sheriff’s Exemplary Service Award in 2012 for his continual hard work and dedication in the detective bureau. It is the second highest achievement award offered by the department.

Vandecar, a six-and-a-half year veteran of the CHP, became a Drug Recognition Expert in 2012 and has received the MADD award multiple times for his commitment to remove drunk drivers from the roadways.

Dubois, in addition to being a firefighter, is a certified paramedic and serves as a peer fitness trainer and an EMT trainer.

Hughes was honored for spearheading the highly successful “Massari Makeover” event held last October. More than 300 volunteers and city staff worked together to make repairs and improvement at Domenic Massari Park.

For more information, call the neighborhood services department at (661) 267-5181.