White Folks Sing the Blues?

Black leaders converge with Neo Nazi’s for a ‘National Conversation on Race’

Gregg Reese | 2/27/2014, midnight
Beverly Hills is perhaps better known as a shopping Mecca for those seeking the ultimate in glitz and glamour, but ...

“I don’t even like the words ‘White Supremacist,’” he said, citing the numerous organizations devoted to advancing the cause of African Americans.

“We are here to uplift our own people!” he declared.

Alluding to the growing numbers of marginalized Caucasians who feel abandoned, he stated that this is the first generation that is financially less well off than their parents.

To this, he faulted a two-party political system with an agenda ignoring the needs of the masses, regardless of color.

“We really don’t see a difference between the republicans and democrats,” he noted, and in this, he utilized another historical touchstone. Arch segregationist George Wallace who utilized colorful speech as well as any politico in American history opted that there’s a “dime’s worth of difference” between 1968 Presidential candidates Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon, derisively labeling them “Tweedledum and Tweedledee.”

In this way, Schoep diplomatically side stepped direct criticism of President Barack Obama, suggesting that the current president is little different from the Bush dynasty or the Clintons. Steeling himself to focus on what apparently were his real targets for the day: Hispanics and Jews. According to his belief, our homogenized political process and ineffectual government are largely the result of a Zionist directed cabal, intent on securing country and government for some secret Communist agenda.

In keeping with this view he advocates an end to foreign wars (in previous speeches he’s said they are conflicts organized by “International Jewry”), and the troops be brought home to secure our southern borders.

The interaction between Schoep and the panel was surprisingly cordial. Prior to the start of the program, both sides casually gossiped about the ethnic/demographic makeup of the Beverly Hills protesters. Some provocative speculation emerged about “Semitic” representation before they settled on a more diplomatic, politically correct characterization of the agitators as “White, collage-aged liberals.”

Photo by Louis "Kengi" Carr

The prominent radical right nationalist and former Klu Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke made racism more palatable for a mass audience by trading in his white sheets for a tailored business suit and carefully edited rhetoric. The NSM used to parade in full Nazi regalia with Swastikas intertwined with the American flag, but since 2007 have opted for black fatigues. This seems to be the methodology currently used as these groups become more sophisticated.

The stigma of scandal plagues them still. Jeff Schoep himself has been labeled a “race traitor” by other, more militant factions, who point to his second wife (since divorced) having Arab heritage (Syrian to be exact), and a mulatto daughter from a previous relationship with a Black man. Well before he cohabitated with her, Schoep was arrested for a 1998 burglary, a felony involving thousands of dollars of computer equipment. He committed this crime with the mother of his illegitimate daughter. In this instance he violated two of the major tenets shared by all Neo-Nazis: stealing and fathering out-of-wedlock children are behaviors associated with the lesser, non-White races, and are not in keeping for true, Aryan stock.

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