AT&T Q & A with Jaime Moore

Spokesperson AT&T California

OW Staff Writer | 9/26/2013, midnight

Q: How was it decided that AT&T would support and sponsor a community-based event such as the West Coast Expo?

A: At AT&T, we value community and the opportunity to let people know how we are working to support their day-to-day lives. From broadband to mobile devices to home automation, we are able to meet the demands of tomorrow’s consumers today by being attuned to people and their needs. For this reason, events like the West Coast Expo are an ideal way for us to bring our products and services directly to the consumer, interact one-on-one with them, answer their questions, and learn about their daily needs.

At the core, we know that people are driving technology. We are here to meet that demand and make life easier through technology. At the Expo, we have the unique opportunity to speak directly to the consumer and tell our story—the story of a company founded more than 130 years ago that continues to thrive because we believe in our core message of rethinking what is possible. That is thanks in large part to the consumers and diverse communities we serve.

Q: Tell our readers about the AT&T Technology Equipped “Home of the Future” that you are bringing to the WCE this year.

A: The “Home of the Future” offers Expo visitors an opportunity to experience our latest product—Digital Life, as well as our flagship U-Verse service, and our award-winning entertainment platform that allows customers greater flexibility over the way they watch television and access entertainment at home. With AT&T’s new Digital Life platform, you can interact with your home even while away. The platform offers many options to make your home more secure with uncomplicated and simple installations, and allows you to do everything from monitoring your home while you are away via your computer or mobile device to automating your thermostat and monitoring your water usage. It is a simple, more interactive way to be in control of your home even when you are away.

Q: Is this something that the average consumer can pick and choose and piece-meal together based on their needs or would a technology consultant be recommended? How do people go about making incremental technology adjustments (which allows us to manage costs, plan, ease into it?)

A: Our products are designed to be seamlessly integrated into your life. In fact, our technology is all designed to meet the demands of our consumers. We are the technology company for everyone and, with this in mind, we are developing products for everyone, regardless of how or where they choose to communicate. From mobile devices to tablets to the Internet to home automation, we are committed to connecting people with the tools they need to make life easier. We encourage Expo participants to experience our exhibit and come to our booth and speak with AT&T representatives to learn more about the services and products we offer and how they can support their day-to-day lives in tangible and meaningful ways.

Q: What kind of technology will be displayed in the home of the future?