Morton to open new facility

Firm expected to bring 350 jobs to the Antelope Valley

OW Staff Writer | 11/15/2013, midnight

Lancaster and Morton Manufacturing, a well-established firm specializing in the manufacture of fasteners for the aerospace industry, celebrated the grand opening of Morton’s new 88,000 square foot facility in the Lancaster Business Park this week. The company will bring a total of 350 jobs to the Antelope Valley, including 220 existing employees as well as an anticipated 130 new positions for local workers.

“In the midst of a recession and ensuing economic challenges, Lancaster and Morton Manufacturing have succeeded in facilitating a partnership which will reap tremendous benefits for both the business and our community,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Morton now has the room it needs to grow, and we are thrilled to be their new home. Their arrival marks only the beginning of a new wave of manufacturing here in Lancaster, as well as an incredible employment opportunity for our local residents.”

Launched in 1967, Morton Manufacturing specializes in the production of nickel-alloy bolts for gas-turbine aircraft engines. The firm, whose client list includes such companies as General Electric, Pratt Whitney and Rolls Royce, began seeking a new location in 2011 when incoming orders began to outstrip the production capacity of their Santa Clarita facility. With approximately 40 percent of its existing workforce already residing in the Antelope Valley, Morton Manufacturing’s search for a new site quickly led them to Lancaster.

“Our search for the ideal location for our new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility led us to the city of Lancaster, and we are very glad it did,” said Yolanda Morton, chairman and chief executive officer of Morton Manufacturing. “We greatly appreciate the business-friendly environment and consideration shown to us by all staff members at City Hall. It is a pleasure working with a city so dedicated to making all-encompassing transitions such as ours easy. We are excited to now be member of the city of Lancaster business community.”

The type of base manufacturing jobs Morton provides are highly sought after by local municipalities. Considered “wealth inducing,” these positions create new wealth in an economy. In fact, according to the Manufacturing Institute, every dollar generated by the sale of a manufactured product supports $1.40 in output from other sectors. This is much more beneficial than money simply trading hands, as occurs in the retail and service sectors.

“These new jobs will go a long way toward stimulating our local economy,” said Lancaster Vice Mayor Marvin Crist. “Manufacturing jobs induce service jobs at an estimated 3 to 1 ratio. As such, Morton Manufacturing’s move should not only bring 350 manufacturing jobs to Lancaster, but also result in a significant number of additional service sector jobs. In all, this move should result in a total local economic impact of up to 1,200 jobs.”

Morton Manufacturing’s new 10.06-acre parcel is located in the Lancaster Business Park at 201 E. Avenue K-15. Those interested in employment opportunities with Morton Manufacturing may call (661) 298-0895.