Benghazianother Clinton scandal?

Harry C. Alford | 5/15/2013, 5 p.m.

The congressional hearings on May 8 may become the beginning of the end for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Three credible eyewitnesses of the Benghazi consulate assault last Sept. 11, 2012, finally got to give their accounting of it. They had been kept from the FBI, all committees of Congress--Senate and House, media and anyone else in the world. It was through the Whistleblower Program that they came to tell the real story.

As expected, when the assault began one of them called Secretary of State Clinton and alerted her to the attack. She promised to get back to him. Then one of them called the White House asking for immediate help. The whistleblowers organized a small group of Marines and security personnel at the Tripoli Embassy to fly to Benghazi and fight the identified terrorists and rescue our people at the consulate. As they approached the waiting C-130 airplane they were told to "stand down" (you can't go). One thing is clear: Secretary Clinton and all at the White House immediately knew that terrorists had struck our Benghazi consulate.

The president of Libya soon announced to the Tripoli Embassy that Ambassador John Christopher Stevens was dead. That, too, was immediately reported to the State Department. American personnel were under attack and they, White House and State Department, were giving them up for slaughter.

To begin their cover-up they began to blame the action on a protest about some YouTube Video. The protest was in Cairo, Egypt, but never came to Libya. Our White House, including President Barack Obama, and the State Department, including Hillary Clinton, knowingly lied to America. As a result of betraying our personnel at the consulate, four State Department officials, including Ambassador Stevens were murdered. An untold number of personnel were wounded. We still don't know the names of all the wounded as they are keeping us from that portion of the truth.

At the ceremony to receive the dead bodies at Andrews Air Force Base, both President Obama and Secretary Clinton were still telling the Big Lie. Secretary Clinton even looked one of the grieving parents in the eye and said, "We are going to prosecute the producer of the film. "Did she think the truth would never be told? They didn't send the FBI to investigate for 18 days, allowing much disturbance of the crime scene. They didn't want to know any more about this attack. The wounded were put into hiding. They even misnamed them as they entered into hospitals for treatment.

This reminds us of the past Clinton years in the White House. The Whitewater Scandal lingered on as Hillary became a master of stalling and giving out disinformation. The Travelgate Scandal, which happened as they were entering the White House, shocked us all. They had just arrived, and they started rigging procurement opportunities. As she was leaving the White House, Hillary stole the official china--so tacky. This is Hillary alone. Her teacher, President Bill Clinton, taught her well. He was the master of disinformation.