Sea change for City of Champions

Lavenia Stewart | 3/27/2013, 5 p.m.

Candidates running for Inglewood City Council seats bring a diverse collection of experiences to the contest to win a seat to govern in the "City of Champions." On April 2, at the end of the day, they hope to be the ones left standing so they can deliver a pot of gold to residents in the form of paved streets, quieter airplanes, sewers free of tree branches, and a return to yesterday.

District 1 candidates George Dotson, LeRoy N. Fisher, Felicia Ford and Daniel Tabor, are running against incumbent Mike Stevens.

George Dotson
"Inglewood is at a critical juncture. We have the potential of becoming a destination city over the next few years. But, to do this requires forward-thinking leaders and a progressive City Council; one that can work well with the mayor and the community. Right now, there is too much dissension at Council meetings, which prevents not only District 1, but all of Inglewood from moving forward on critical issues.

"As a member of the planning commission, I've worked under four different mayors and have been influential in every major commercial and residential development in Inglewood. I will use my business and leadership skills to entice new businesses to the city.

"I will work closely with the Sound Insulation department to ensure the program accomplishes the city's goal of sound proofing 1,000 homes in 2013. I will make sure funds are allocated to eliminate crumbling streets throughout District 1 and are spent efficiently on the construction of the new senior citizens community center.

"By working closely with the police department and mayor I will address crime and gang intervention programs, teen centers and other after school programs for at-risk youths. The image and reputation of our local parks need improving. I will work to construct soccer and football fields at Darby and Edward Vincent parks.

LeRoy Fisher
"I've seen what was, what we have now, and I know we can do better. Our city is an attractive, decent place to live. We're near LAX and the beach.

"I've lived in District 1 for 49 years and have watched it slowly deteriorate. I've always been involved in making my community a better place. I remember when I used to send my kids downtown to the movies, to Sears, and J.C. Penny's, and now we have nothing but high salaried self-interested Council members and mayor.

"While I've supported Council members in the past, I think these people are rotten, they're only pretending to represent the people and will do anything to justify their means to an end.

"Another concern is downtown. It needs better promotion. Building apartment complexes instead of businesses in that area is a bad decision along with giving those 24 properties to Madison Square Garden.

Building parking lots does not increase tax revenue.

"Instead, as a Councilman, I will have a back-and-forth dialog with my constituents so we can work together to make positive changes to Inglewood."

Felicia Ford
"The city has turned for the worst. We have tax increases for no reason, and water and sewage bills increasing without residents' approval. These things create a hardship on families. We need a strong leader to fight for the things we need.