Superman sets super June record

But "Iron Man" rules

City News Service | 6/16/2013, 11 p.m.
“Man Of Steel” is on track to be the biggest movie ever to open in the month of June, as ...
Henry Cavil stars as Superman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ action adventure “Man of Steel.” Warner Bros. Pictures

“Man Of Steel” is on track to be the biggest movie ever to open in the month of June, as North Americans are predicted to spend $110.3 million to see the latest Superman saga.

Warner Bros. announced the sales figures today. If the studio counts a bonus $12 million in “corporate sales” from an event Thursday night, the film now has $125 million in the till, according to Hollywood.com Box Office.

As good as the “Man Of Steel” is performing, it was still behind “Iron Man 3” as the most-popular movie premiere of the summer. That sequel had a $174.1 million debut, according to its studio, Disney, and is about to cross the $400 million domestic sales mark.

“This Is The End,” a star-crossed comedy starring stars being stars,

opened Wednesday, and was boosted by subsequent “great reviews and great word-of-mouth,” said Hollywood.com movie industry sage Paul Dergarabedian. For the three-day weekend, it was in second place with an estimated $20.5 million in sales.

Add in Wednesday and Thursday, and “This Is The End” has a $32.8 million gross, according to Sony/Colombia studios.

“Now You See It” was in third place, with a $10.3 million weekend estimated gross and $80 million in sales over three weeks. “Fast & Furious 6” was in fourth place with a $9.4 million weekend and $219.6 million estimated running total.

Rounding out the 10 most-popular films, as reported by the studios and collated by Hollywood.com, were “The Purge” ($8.2 million), “The Internship” ($7 million), “Epic” ($6 million), “Star Trek Into Darkness” ($5.7 million), “After Earth” ($3.8 million) and “Iron Man 3” ($2.9 million).