Google’s balloon-powered Internet: Coming to a sky near you?

Project Loon will give access to remote and under served places around world

CNN News Wire | 7/12/2013, 12:27 p.m.

“I thought, ‘Finally, some people who can tell me what is going on.’ Their reply was, ‘We don’t actually know either.’ The whole process was cryptic and was making a dull week rather exciting to be honest.”

In a rural area with historically unreliable Internet access, Nimmo said he now enjoys the benefits of constant connectivity like a social media presence, an ability to better market his products online, and a stable platform for his children to complete their homework online.

Nimmo is happy with his balloon-powered Net connection. And, as the world’s first person to make a connection in such a way, he also recognizes the heights Google must scale to make Project Loon a viable solution.

“It is a system that will need to reach a critical scale in order to be effective world-wide and will need some degree of cooperation between governments,” he said.

“The scale and complexity of the idea is mind-boggling but it seems plausible, and Google is probably the only company with the resources to pull it off.”

Onward... and upward.

Kristie Lu Stout | CNN

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