Gnostics offer an unorthodox view of Jesus

Brittney M. Walker | 5/18/2011, 5 p.m.

Gnostics not only look at the Bible in a different way, but they also refer to other ancient teachings as well as books such as the Gospel according to Thomas that were disregarded by the assemblers of the Christian Bible.

Hoeller continues illustrating the characteristics of Jesus' methodology, saying that his intentions were not to die for sins, but rather restore spiritual consciousness.

Based on his research and scientific conclusions, the writer suggests that perhaps the world was not drowned in sin when death came and unperfected God's creation.

Perhaps it was always a dog-eat-dog world where death was just a matter of fact, he said.
Gnostic teachers in the past have referred to earth as a prison cell. Hoeller says as a result, Jesus came not to "pacify his angry Father by dying on ignominy, but rather to 'take captivity captive'" and free those spiritually and mentally detained.

"The human spirit, say the gnostics, came into this world from outside it, and thus the stimulus for liberation must also come from outside," writes Hoeller. "True, the liberating spiritual potential resides in the depths (or perhaps better, the heights) of the human soul itself, but realization of this potential requires powerful intervention."

Gnostics say salvation, according to the true teachings of Jesus does not come through one human/divine being, but rather through spiritual liberation and knowledge and achieving Christ within self.