Countdown: group says Judgment Day is here, or near

Brittney M. Walker | 5/4/2011, 5 p.m.

On May 21, Camping followers believe a number of believers will be taken up. Rogers says something around 2 percent of the population will be saved, but "the real number simply relies on the number of true believers in God and Christ on May 21, 2011."

Believers like Rogers have started to prepare themselves for the Rapture by giving away their personal belongings and spreading the word through blogs, radio, and other means.

When asked if he would be raptured up, Rogers said: "Sure am. God and I have a great relationship, and I can only imagine that it will improve once we don't have to deal with the long-distance aspect. If I am not saved, I will be shocked, but will accept God's decision regardless."

Ralph Watkins, professor of theology and African American studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, says this claim is unreasonable.

"I think this is a fear folks-into-faith (campaign), saying the day is coming so you better get saved before the date," he said. "May 21 will come and go and you and I will be talking on May 22."
Although he agrees any day is possible for the so-called Second Coming, Watkins believes it is unlikely any man knows the exact day.

He added that Camping's claim is unbalanced and does not prove anything.

"It is very problematic to predicts dates because you have to consider if the events (in the Bible) are actually historical events ... what they (Family Radio) fail to do is source extra-biblical material, biblical criticism, and ancient African history," the professor said. "They have a very narrow view and are using one source. Their interpretation of that source is very limited."

For more information about Family Radio's Judgment Day announcement, visit familyradio.com.