Treat dad like royalty

Family Features | 6/15/2011, 5 p.m.

This Father's Day, give Dad the royal treatment by creating a feast that combines his two favorite things - the grill and steak.

Whether you serve the King Tenderloin with Red Velvet Demi Glace, the Duke of Sirloin with Pub Rub, the Count Strip Loin with Parmesan Crusted Crown, or the Barron of Ribeye with Royal Forest Butter, His Majesty will savor every mouthwatering bite. And when you follow these grilling tips and cook his steaks to perfection, he may very well proclaim you Master of the Grill.

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Top 5 Tips for Perfect Grilling
1. Clean and pre-heat your grill on high.
2. Lightly oil and season food before you put it on the grill. This helps the searing process and prevents sticking.
3. Sear the outside of steaks when grilling, using tongs or a spatula to turn the meat. Cover the grill as much as possible during the grilling process to help lock in the great flavor and to prevent flare-ups.
4. Use the 60/40 grilling method. Grill for 60 percent of the time on the first side, then grill 40 percent of the time after you turn over the food. This will give you an evenly cooked product.
5. Place your cooked food on a clean plate and allow to rest for five minutes before serving to retain moisture and juiciness.

King Tenderloin with Red Velvet Demi Glace
Serves 4
4--Omaha Steaks Filet Mignon
2 tablespoons--olive oil
1 teaspoon--sea salt
1/2 teaspoon--black pepper, freshly ground

Red Velvet Demi Glace
1. Preheat grill on high.
2. Blot steaks dry with a clean paper towel.
3. Brush steaks with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
4. Grill steaks to desired doneness while searing the outside.
5. Ladle a small amount of Red Velvet Demi Glace onto the serving plate.
6. Place the steak on the Demi Glace then ladle a thin ribbon of additional Demi Glace over the steak.

Red Velvet Demi Glace
1/2 teaspoon--olive oil
2 tablespoons--shallots, minced
1/2 teaspoon--garlic, minced
1 cup--Cabernet Sauvignon
1 tablespoon--aged balsamic vinegar
1 cup--Demi Glace (can be found in most grocery and specialty food stores)

1. Heat olive oil in sautÈ pan. Add shallots and garlic, sauté until transparent.
2. Add Cabernet Sauvignon and balsamic vinegar to pan, reducing liquids by 2/3.
3. Add Demi Glace to pan and bring to a simmer for 5 minutes or until sauce has slightly thickened.

Duke of Sirloin with Pub Rub
Serves 4
4--Omaha Steaks Sirloin Steaks
2 tablespoons--olive oil
2 tablespoons--fresh garlic, minced
1 tablespoon--kosher salt
1 teaspoon--black pepper, coarsely ground

1. Preheat grill on high.
2. Blot steaks dry using a clean paper towel.
3. In a small mixing bowl, combine oil, garlic, salt and pepper.
4. Generously rub steaks with mixture on all sides.
5. Grill steaks to desired doneness while searing the outside.