Artyce Custom Footwear

Marisol Aguilar | 7/28/2010, 5 p.m.

"If you're glamorous we can help you, if you're not we can make you," Palmer said jokingly.

Palmer's collection is also all about comfort, especially for the bride who will be on her feet for the next 14 hours.

"It's not cute if you have your shoes in your hands," Palmer said.

So instead of adding the regular one millimeter of padding to the shoe, Palmer adds four millimeters of padding for that extra support.

Shoe prices depend on what kind of shoe you like and whether you want to personalize it by adding your name on the bottom as a label. Prices start from $200 and up and there is another collection that ranges from $500 and up. The $500 and up collection has more color variety with 65 shades available, and you are given a sketch of your creation. You can also personalize it with your name on the bottom of the shoe.

The only way to view Palmer's showroom or have a 30-45 minute consultation is by appointment.

While Artyce conducts business in Los Angeles, most of her clients are from Australia, the Caribbean and recently Romania and the United Kingdom. These customers are able to design their shoes by either calling or via Skype, a software application, which allows you to video chat.

"We are all about exclusivity," Palmer said. "It's not true that you can only find good shoes in Italy."

The young and talented designer has also designed shoes for Vivica Fox and Angie Stone.

Because wedding seasons are different in every country, she never takes a break.

"People will continue falling in love and getting married," Palmer said. "During a recession, love grows."

Besides making glamorous shoes, Palmer also serves as a mentor and is a member of various organizations. She now sits on the board of the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Ultimately, Palmer hopes Artyce Custom Footwear becomes the number-one bridal custom footwear in the world.

Palmer can be reached at (310) 838-7463 or via e-mail candra@artycedesign.com.