Hosanna Broadcasting Network set to make the leap to TV

OW Staff | 12/1/2010, 5 p.m.

"People all over the world are looking for answers for a change for the better," said Asrat, a naturalized American citizen. "This is an opportune time for the clergy to make the choice to be a greater voice of healing, inspiration and prosperity. We are currently seeking pre-recorded programs in studio quality. Content must be original with no repetition for seven weeks."

HBN-TV will offer original contemporary programming featuring music, health, movies and talk show formats. But the staple of the broadcasts will be programs hosted by a diverse group of ministries from traditional Protestant and nondenominational to interdenominational and full gospel churches.

Asrat enters the cable/satellite industry at a challenging time for minorities, however. According to a New American Media report titled, "Out of the Picture 2007," Black television station ownership dropped by 60 percent, falling from 19 to eight, making Black ownership almost nonexistent.

In addition, a look at the Comcast and NBC Universal merger reveals that none of Comcast's 250-plus channels are 100 percent African-American owned.

But being a Black-owned inspirational network, Asrat has a different agenda and different challenges. HBN-TV will begin with ethnically and denominationally diverse programming, and being the new kid on the airwaves, the network will still have the challenge of demonstrating to pastors and producers the added value of a greater audience at a cheaper price than its competitors such as the Trinity Broadcasting Networks.

"TBN began as a UHF station in Santa Ana," said Asrat. "We began as a satellite radio station covering of the world. We are positioned as the only 24-hour Christian radio station that covers such a wide range of geographic coverage. With HBN-TV we have potential to grow by offering an alternative to Christians in North America and the world through radio."

For more information on the prayer breakfast, call (310) 348-9188 or visit www.hosannabroadcasting.com.