Jason Lewis | 1/9/2009, 5 p.m.

TV anchor apologizes for "Lynch Tiger Woods" remark
Golf channel anchor Kelly Tilghman has apologized for comments that she made a week ago. Tilghman said that any golfer trying to test Tiger Woods might have to "lynch him in a back alley."

Mark Steinberg, Woods' agent, issued a statement saying that "This story is a non-issue," and that "Tiger and Kelly are great friends and Tiger has a great deal of respect for Kelly."

In a press release from the Los Angeles Civil Rights Association, they stated that "this racially insensitive and offensive crack is worse than the tirades of Imus and Dog the Bounty Hunter. Both were fired." The statement went on to say "We urge the Golf Channel to terminate Kelly Tilghman immediately," says Eddie Jones, president, Los Angeles Civil Rights Assn., and Earl Ofari Hutchinson, president, Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable.

Michael Vick may be released from prison early
Suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback may be released from prison early. Vick has entered a drug treatment program at a Kansas prison, which could reduce his 23-month sentence for dog fighting by up to one year.

Vick tested positive for marijuana in September while he was on supervised released following his guilty plea. Vick had never failed an NFL drug test.

If Vick is granted early release he could be ready for the 2009 football season, but he more than likely will not be reinstated to the NFL for a year after his release.