The Rainmaker Report

Mba | 5/7/2008, 5 p.m.

Five ways to make the most of your rebate
1. Pay down debts - this "unexpected" income can be used to reduce credit card debt or other loans you may have.
2. Save it for a "rainy day" - put the money in a savings account or money market fund to be ready in case of a financial emergency.
3. Invest it - letting the money grow for several years, for instance, in a mutual fund, could give you the most bang for your rebate buck.
4. Make a purchase to "upgrade" your life - put the money toward a home improvement or similar investment that has lasting value
5. Treat yourself - if you've been diligent about managing your finances and saving money, this is a chance to reward yourself with a "fun" purchase or maybe a vacation.
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