Jamaican detained after carrying explosives

Shirley Hawkins | 4/16/2008, 5 p.m.

Kevin Brown, 32, was detained at Orlando International Airport Tuesday, April 1, after U.S. investigators found bomb parts in his luggage.
Brown, a Jamaican, told authorities that he intended to blow up a pipe bomb in a tree stump in Jamaica to show his friends how to make explosives like those used in Iraq.
FBI agent Kelly Boaz said in a statement that two prescription bottles containing air gun pellets, batteries, lighters, lighter fluid, two galvanized pipes and end caps with holes drilled in them and two bottles of nitromethane were found in Browns luggage.
Nitromethane is a liquid commonly used as a solvent and cleaning agent that can be used to manufacture explosives.
Investigators said that Brown also had bomb-making instructions in his backpack.
Brown was detained while attempting to check his luggage on Air Jamaica flight 80 to Montego Bay after a behavior detection officer observed that Brown was acting strangely, he singled him out for closer inspection.
The FBI reported that Brown was in the United States legally.
The incident caused some flight delays at Orlando International Airport after the terminal was evacuated for several hours.
After making an initial court appearance, U.S. Magistrate Karla Spaulding scheduled a bond hearing for Brown which is scheduled for today.